Concert @ The Bitter End [OPEN - Backdated to June 25th]
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It had been months since Mafia Misfortune had taken the stage, at least a decent stage. A booking agent had called Gian a week before, practically begging him to have his band come in and play a full set. Gian had thought long and hard about this, many questions crossed his mind: Can I do this? Is my mind clear? Will it be a flop? He wasn't sure, but he took the bait anyways. His bandmates were ecstatic, they had been dying to play for months now. Gian pulled in a favor with Gunslingers Parade, to be their opening act; these guys were way talented, and had been in the music business a decade longer than Gian's group, which made for them to be a great opener.

Just before the show, Gian popped a Zoloft, as per Sienna's request (aka: demand). Sienna knew him best, and she knew he sung better with a clear head. He stood at the bar, with Tina and Sienna, chugging down beers. He was nervous, he always got nervous.

"Thanks guys. You guys and gals fuckin' rock! But now it's time to put your hands together for the sickest upcoming band in Manhattan: Mafia Misfortune!"

Gian took a deep breath, and stepped on stage.

[OOC: OOOOOOPPPPENNNN, like Tina's legs. But really, if you would've found out about this somehow (Via: SWS, or his Twitter), then join in! Have fun, get drunk...Good tiemz. P.S. Keep replies short 'n' sweet if you can :D ]

Father's Day Dinner
The Underboss
Note: Sorry to be so late in getting this up -- the drive back from Pasadena took an unexpected turn. Though, technically it IS still Sunday where I am. This post is, of course, open to anyone who would be invited to a greater family dinner -- so jump in, start a thread, and have some drama filled fun.

Setting the last tray of ziti down, Sienna stepped back to survey the scene in front of her. The long dining room table was lined with food -- a place set for every member of the family, along with a few guests. Off to the side, atop her grandmother's old silver chest sat the presents she had bought while shopping.

Everything was perfect. All she needed now was her family.

Since Father's Day is bound to be filled with excitement and drama, did we want to set up an rp post for it in the comm?

I'll be without my computer tonight as we're going to the IMATS in Pasadena, but I will be back tomorrow night and could set something up then.


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Fuck... who knows what all the wall-paper girls know.

not that it matters.

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No one in my family understands me.

Before the craziness begins...
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A bit of housekeeping. Don't worry, I'll try to keep it brief.

I see this community as a kind of "free for all" -- like sixwordstories or just_postit. Basically, you can post anything you want the other muses to read and/or respond to. The only real condition is that all muses posting in this comm MUST be connected to the Lucchesi crime family in one way or another.

The Lucchesi's are one of New York's five families and are structured like most Mafia organizations. I actually have a flow chart for this, saved on my work computer, and will most likely be loading it as a PDF sometime tomorrow night. To help with that, I'm going to ask you all to comment to this post with the following information for your character...


This way, we can all kind of figure out who is who and where everyone fits in.

Sound good?


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